token28001(zone7b NC)October 27, 2009

Can anyone tell me what this "blue" passion vine species is? I'm trying to find out if it will return next spring if left outside. Zone 7b, NC. Thanks.

It was grown from seed. I'm pretty sure it was Burpee Heirloom seed, but dang if I can find anything about it online or my seed pack from this past spring. I'd just like to be able to put a name to it.

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You sure you grew it from seed? It looks exactly like Amethyst or Lavender Lady. It definitely will not survive the winter outside in that pot. If it is Amethyst or LL, it is unlikely to survive even in a very protected spot in the ground with lots of mulch. You should really bring it into a warmer area indoors or start a few cuttings indoors for insurance.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Well now you have me wondering. I had one cutting from a trade that was supposed to be a red passion flower. I thought it died. So I bought seeds. Only one germinated and this is the only passionvine I have. Dangit. I see they can't be grown from seed if it is Amethyst. Maybe my seedling died and this is the one from the rooted cutting.

I've already taken cuttings to carry it over the winter in the basement under lights.

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For what it is worth, I concur with kiwinut's assessment.


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