Help! I have the Red variety

cathys1951(z8 GA)October 26, 2006

I have the red variety and this is the first one that I have ever had that lived. It is huge, blooms are everywhere. But I cant find the seeds and do they bear fruit? How is the best way to get cuttings. I am in Zone 8 so I still have a short window before I loose it to the frost. But it came back from last year, so Im not worried about loosing it but I want some more starts for next year. And to give to my sisters. Any help would be appreciated.


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cathys1951(z8 GA)

sorry put the wrong URL

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Looks like P. vitifolia. It will only set fruit if cross-pollinated with a different compatible passionflower. Cuttings should be easy to root. Cut off sections of stem, leaving a couple of leaves, and stick in a pot with a mix of peat and vermiculite or perlite, cover loosely with a plastic bag, and place in a well-lighted location (but not in direct sun) in a warm location. Keep the soil lightly moist, but not soaked.

It helps to make the cuts just below a node and dipping in a rooting hormone may also help speed up the process.

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I also dip it in rooting powder making sure that one leaf node is covered and below the soil. I stick the whole thing in a big ziploc baggie and wait. The fruit of the Vitifolia looks like this and can be easily seen if it's there. This variety blooms beautifully for me inside. I'm in 7a and most of my passiflora have to be brought in. Since they are all in containers I don't even bother trying to winter them over outside.

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Laughed this morning when I saw "I have the red variety" (apologies, just struck me as funny..) as there are more than 550 passiflora true-bloods & crosses.

Looks like you *do* have passiflora Vitifolia, which (as mentioned above) is not self fertile in my expierience.
I bet you picked it up at Lowes or Home Depot yes? That's where I got mine.
Be careful if it gets below the 50's in the winter where you are- Mine was the first to flop (die) when it got cold & it didn't come back.

If you have pretty much any other common variety (caerulea, belotti, (AKA "alto-caerulea") incense) or any of the alata variants you might try cross polination- I polinated my fingers off a few years ago & now have several caerulea & white caerulea X vitifolia seedlings "reaching for the sky" at the moment.

I keep *everything* in pots as A) I move alot and B) seems to get arctic in the winter wherever I live.. So I have the Great Passiflora Migration every fall when I bring them inside. (GREAT fun for the )

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Mine came from Lowes. They bloom later than the other varieties.

Mine is planted in the ground. I tried to dig up some of the suckers, but the roots were too big and would require a heavy knife, large pruner or an ax. The vines cover a 50' area of fence and do not 'melt' until after the first hard frost.

I have never seen a fruit on mine, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been one since I own numerous varieties. The vine is simply that huge and dense that it would be easy to miss a fruit.

I appreciate the picture that was posted of the fruit. That looks different than any of the other fruits that I have seen.

They do root easily, but you need to provide warmth. If you have to, you can cut off the outer 2/3rds of the big leaves in order to reduce transpiration. They should root in 4-5 weeks.

I live on the central Gulf Coast. It rarely gets below 25 degrees here, but it does happen occasionally.

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I didn't realize that you can grow this inside. My passionflower plants come back every year (I live in the Dallas, TX area). They are still in bloom right now (I have the dark purple variety ??). I am not **yet** a green thumb gardener but do love flowers. This passionflower was a transplant that I thought had died a few yrs ago but it comes back stronger every year! So, as Kiwinut said, can I take cuttings and following the directions given and grow a plant indoors during winter? (also, how do you insert a picture with the posting?). THANKS!

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