Dried Serrano's turned black?

obrionusa(5)January 4, 2010

I hung some serrano plants and all upside down to dry. Went to get some peppers last night and some of the pepper's turned black. Are these alright to eat? Why did some turn black and others didnt? Some dried a real nice orange and red while others are black.



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Hi O'Brion,

Sounds like you have a few rotten peppers.

In the past when I dried peppers (thin skinned varieties like cayenne and serrano) by hanging to air dry, I found that I inevitably ended up with a few rotting peppers.

Ideally they need to be hung in an area with really good air circulation and if possible, low humidity (ie. not over the kitchen sink, stove, damp basement etc.).

To solve the problem I invested in a cheap dehydrator. Much faster and no loss of pods.

I'd just toss the black ones and enjoy the others.


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