.: Red Spider Mites :.

Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))November 27, 2005

Red Spider Mites on Passiflora Micropetala:

4x size:


The Mite itself:

I believe the little "bubble" next to the little guy is "plant blood".. But it may be a mite egg. I'm unsure.

Treated with a solution of Safer insecticidal soap, which I picked up at my local OSH.

Apologies for the slight out-of-focus.. It's difficult with 3 close-up lenses hangin' off the end of my Olympus Camedia E-20

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I could be wrong , but I'd always thought it's the little white specks that are the eggs, and which give the undersides of the leaves a powdered look. The plants sometimes do get dried sap (maybe the brown spots) , which may be of various colors depending on the plant, which come from the wounds that the mites make in the leaves. I could be wrong about that, but whatever the case they've been the "bane" of my plant growing existance over these many years. Little buggers!!!

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