Peonies not blooming

jeanniemarieMay 30, 2012

Please help. I am in central Wisconsin, zone 4 and I have nine peony plants, one near the house and the others in a sunny garden. They all bloomed last year, but this year only one plant has a few normal size buds that will blossom, the others have tiny buds that are soft and brown, I mean they are the size of a pencil eraser, that is how small. We had a very warm March with temps in the 80's which I think confused everything, then in April and May normal temps with some freezing nights. Was it the weather that did this? or something else. They have been established for three/four years so I think the depth of the plants is ok. Thank you for your help. Jeannie

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Jeannie I don't live in your climate, but my guess is that the freeze in May, caught the already formed buds, and caused the growth to stop. Al

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I'm in Wis too and was just going to post something about my peonies not blooming. I have the same problem as you.
Some have maybe l or 2 buds on, mostly smaller buds that won't bloom. I have one big plant with tons of blooms, but they don't even get to flower stage, stay in a weird bud-type half open stage and are brownish instead of beautiful light pink. I am sure it was our weird weather, very warm in March, then very cold. I have some plants that wont get even one flower on them. Terrible year for peonies.

However, I did visit Boerner in Milwaukee last week, and a lot of theirs are blooming great. Maybe they didn't have the exact weather I had here, since they are more south than me. If you want a treat, visit Boerner NOW, they have hundreds of peonies. I wish I could post a picture. Don't know how.

My iris didn't do well this year either. Some also had the same type of problem, brownish buds that never developed, and some never had one bloom on them.

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