Amazing evergreen tendencies of P. caerulea

dbarron(z7_Arkansas)November 30, 2013

I'm just amazed that this passionflower can maintain evergreen shiny foliage and even growth points (new growth) having been through several nights of 16F so far.
No wonder I've seen it billed as 'the vine that ate the greenhouse...and the yard...and...',etc. Incredible vigor for sure....and I love the flowers. So far it hasn't tried to eat my house or anything shocking like that...though I've heard experiences vary.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

I used to grow this in sunny England (UK). The only thing it didn't like was if we got a late frost (May) which set it back, but it is pretty tough and I imagine does really well in southern USA. Pity the fruit is no good for eating. Good growing. - Ian.

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It rarely gets below freezing here in New Orleans.
I have (had several papaya trees, until THIS winter killed them.

I was building a greenhouse, but got delayed and didnt finish until after the first real freeze. 25F
The P. caerulea didnt seem phased by it.
its the only thing that didnt.
i wish all my semi-tropicals could do that

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Well after several attacks of below zero (which I hadn't seen but once in last 13 years...below zero), mine finally gave up the top growth. I'm virtually certain it's waiting to come up from the root stock though.
I am still very amazed at how tough this plant is, given it's home range.

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