raingage accuracy

telow(7a)June 21, 2012

I have 2 raingages, one at the front gate and one up at the garden, a couple hundred yards away. I had a really good rain here about an hour ago, and when it stopped,. The one at the front gate read i.5 in. and the one at the garden read almost 2.5. Both are made by Accurite but are different models. I realize rain does'nt come down evenly but this difference seems extreme. What do you all think?

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Lisa_H OK(7)

does the one in front have anything that might block the rain? Or the other one have anything that might add rain (leaves dripping into it, ect)


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I have to be careful to place my rain gauge where it will get little or no splash from another object and try stay out of abnormal wind drafts. This means on a dedicated pole that does not stick up higher that it is, like a piece of rebar or conduit in a flower bed out in the middle of the yard.

My step dad gets crazy readings from his gauge, but he has it mounted close to the house and near a very large rose bush.

This morning's rain did not even cover the bottom of the gauge. It is very, very, dry here.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


If your gauges don't have anything near them, as Lisa described, that might block them or cause excess moisture to flow into them from a bush or building, then I think it is just a normal variation. We have had rain gauges in various places on our property and often get quite different readings from them.

Once it was pouring down here, and you could literally look over the fence into our neighbor's pasture and see where the rain stopped. We had a good amount of rain in our gauge, and right next door, there was none.


We have the rain gauge closest to the house on a pole like that where the rain gauge is on top of the pole and the pole doesn't stick up above it. It is the rain gauge I look at most often because it is closer to the house than the rain gauge in the garden.

Your got more rain than we got today because we had none, so my rain gauge has dust in it. Maybe even a dead bug. I haven't looked at it today, but since no rain fell, it is safe to say there's no moisture in it. It probably hasn't been as dry at our house as at yours, but none has fallen for a while now, and it shows.


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All the points everyone has mentioned so far are important factors in how accurate your gauges will be. The only other thing I can think of is if one is in a windier location than the other. Wind blows the rain in a more horizontal direction so that less is caught by the gauge than if it were falling straight down. I don't think it would account for an inch difference by itself, though, unless there's a tree or something upwind of the gauge that would block some of the rain on windy days.

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Both my gages are situated higher on the poles they are mounted on. They are not near obstructing things like trees or buildings. I guess its like Dawn said......it just rained harder up at the garden. I'm sorry many of you missed the rain.

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