ruby glow pruning question

filixNovember 15, 2007

I bought a ruby glow from logees two months ago. It is in a pot in a sunny window. It was growing nice but getting too tall for the window and the other plants near by. So I cut the top off it. It still looks healthy but since I pruned it, it hasn't grown an inch. I was expecting to see two shoots where I pruned it. I didn't hurt it did I? This is my first passion vine. I was hopeing to get it nice and strong this winter, then put it out for the summer. filix

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My Ruby Glow doesn't put out side shoots like many of my other passies. It will put out some but not much. It just likes to grow really long! lol I wrap it around itself and other stuff to keep it contained. Don't prune it because you won't get blooms which appear at the ends of the branches, at least mine do.

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Thanks karyn. I will wait for some shoots.

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