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okiegardenJune 15, 2011

Sorry folks - it has been such a long long long long time!! Had to move once from Lindsay to Blanchard but now living in the heart of Blanchard and loving every moment of it...

Veggie gardens still going strong, not the numbers I would like but I keep planting seeds and they keep coming up and I keep saving the seeds again so I love the time spent...

Native plants I have taken up again gardening with the local natives, got with the county and got a great list of all natives in my area and started looking - have 100 or so out there growing in pots from cuttings taken from the roadside - trying to get roses the same way - never had much luck with roses from cuttings but trying again anyway - you never know until you try...

So I am here like is calm again (last year was BAD... dont want to go into it here but it was BAD.. ) this years gardens are in everything is blooming like crazy and well life is going well. So once again I am here ready to talk plants!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Hi Mitch,

I wondered where you'd been. Welcome back.

Maybe you can speak some encouraging words to all the Norman folks who had hail demolish their plantings last night since you've already been through 'BAD' and survived it.

It is hot and dry here at our place, but that's the same old, same old news, isn't it? My garden is producing well but the heat, lack of rainfall and spider mites all are ganging up on it this week.


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Dawn -

Been going through the worst life can give and am out on the other side!

I planted only Arkansas Traveler and Black Cherry Tomatoes this year for that reason alone... they keep setting when it gets a little warmer and I can count on them much much much longer. I have had an amazing time with peppers this year!

Hate to hear the Norman folks had the hail - been working in Newcastle with the tornado victims... hard to believe our weather this year... praying this is not the new norm... terrible storms with amazing drought and heat..

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7
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