Passie taking over...?

mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)November 22, 2009

I traded brug cuttngs for passi cuttings early sprng and the 2 passies (type unknown) are in a 3 gal pot w @ 36" trellis embedded. This thing erupted in early fall and is now in a south window of our dining room acting like the plant from the little shop of horrors - LOL.

I've no experience w this plant and have just been trying to wrap the vines back around the trellis but it just keeps sending out more. It's not bloomed yet and I'm supposing it won't til it goes back outside next year??? At some point I'll need to limit its 'expansionist habit' as other things need to share this window. Should i just whack off new vines at some point? What conditions does it like (aside from this window-grin)and do I need to do anything to stimulate/promote flowering? I didn't find an FAQ for this forum so if anyone can share basic info or direct me to a source of info I'd really appreciate it.


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hello mantorvillain

i bring mine in the end of sept to mid oct..
i trim off the stems i want to make cuttings from and put the original plant where there is average light...the new growth,i cut off and try to keep the main growth the same size...if the new growth is a lighter colour,i move the plant to a brighter area....having not much space...i use lights in the basement....i water and spray weekly,but it depends on how she looks.....
good luck

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