cactusgardenJune 28, 2011

I am new to this forum and realize I just barged in with a couple of posts without properly introducing myself, my apology. I've been on Garden web quite a while and didn't think. I have many years of gardening experience and live in Central Oklahoma. I'm growing Southwestern natives but don't have a vegetable garden (no space) and love talking about gardening.

I was wondering if anyone has heard any long range forecasts? I heard earlier this year we were in for an active hurricane season and I wondered if it will break the drought? Seems an awful thing to wish for though.

We got rain last night here in OKC. Ours always goes north so I wasn't holding my breath when they forecasted it and was surprised it actually fell on us for a change.

My lavender is now biting the dust. I had posted a list of drought hardy plants that are doing fine in this weather and this one has now been demoted. I think its the heat that gets them here in Okla because I always loose them after a couple years or so. I am trying to establish native grasses this year. I picked a good year for it. My sister cleaned off her entire property almost bare and is attempting a prairie. She also picked a bad year. Fears she will have a water bill higher than her house payment.

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Hi Cactusgarden,

We're a friendly forum, and you are welcome here as you are. I'm in and out sporadically, right now mostly out. But I wanted to be the first to say welcome!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Welcome to the forum. Go ahead and hope for tropical moisture to come in our direction and bring us some relief. Lisa and I have already mentioned several times this year that we are hoping relief will arrive here in that form. (We want relief in any form, but tropical moisture is just about our best bet at this time of year for significant moisture.)

I took a quick glance at the NOAA One-Month outlook and for our part of the country, it looks like we won't see much change, so expect it most likely we'll continue to have above-average temperatures and below-average rainfall.

I've linked the NOAA One Month Outlook below. This is the graphical part of the forecast. For the text, find the link at the left side of the page if you want to read it.

Essentially, I didn't see much of anything that gives me much hope of the July weather being an improvement over June's weather. I didn't look at the tropical outlook but will see what I can dig up on the tropics. There's some moisture and activity in the Gulf and near the Bay of Campache, but I haven't been keeping up with what is going on down there.


Here is a link that might be useful: NOAA 30-Day Outlook

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Welcome, Cactusgarden, Not everyone introduces themselves the first time they post. I did what you did. Lurked for a while, then barged in. It took me a year to realize that perhaps I should have introduced myself and by then so many people knew me that I figured it was a bit late. Like Seedmama said, "It's a friendly forum."

We got .3 inch over here in Adair Co today. It won't last long, but it did cool things down for one day.

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I am new also, and never introduced myself either. How terrible of me. :) I am Taira and I garden vegetables only right now. We have lots of kids. We need the food. There ya go. It is my first year gardening, and I am apparently not that good at it yet. My garden is beautiful, but no food from it yet.

As far as the climate, it's looking like hot, hot, hot. Although we did get .7 of rain last night here in Norman. Woo!

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I have tried to find a place to fit in on Gardenweb. The Natives forum has very little activity and I had a bad experience on another forum (I won't mention which one) with a lot of corrections and nit picking about my posts and then some name calling because I finally objected, so I thought I'd try to make a new start elsewhere. This forum is a lot more friendly and relaxed than that one. Its more like gardeners talking to gardeners. I mean, I even like using common names for plants sometimes because they are more descriptive and I sometimes misspell a word but I don't think I will have to have a botanical degree to be here. I don't always have the exact correct advice but I do like to share what I learn in my own garden. I'm not a "by the book" sort of gal when it comes to gardening.

That rain we got was welcome but I swear, it felt hotter today than it did yesterday when it was in the triple digits and even though those winds are a fire hazard, they are the only thing thats been making it bearable and I missed them today.

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