Round Holes in My Peonies

jxa44May 10, 2009

hi all,

i went out this morning and noticed, just as my peony was about to bloom it had a round hole bored throughed it. I was wondering if anyone could hazard a guess as to what might be making the hole. i took the bloom off and opened it up, and there was no insect inside. i know that ants typically aren't a problem for peonies -- but we do have carpenter ants -- could they be making the holes/


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Not carpenter ants. They damage wood.

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That's what i thought too jean, but as i watched the peonies the carpenter ants were the only ones i noticed going in and out of the holes. the peonies have both reg ants and carpenter ants on them -- which i know are after the sap -- but this hole is curious! the holes are perfectly round . . .

any guesses?????????

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Any kids shooting BBs in your neighborhood?

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Good guess happy day! but nope, that's not it. these peonies are foundation plantings, so if it was bb shot, it should have hit the house/windows too . . .


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There are several insects that cause bore holes including catapillers, some slugs, and bettles. The bud is damaged for this year perhaps it will never happen again. Too late to do anything about it except look up boring insects that attack flowers. Roses are often damaged.

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thank you for your thoughts. i'm not looking to necessarily kill whatever it is that's eating my peonies. I just want to find out what the insect/worm is. i am mostly an organic gardener, so i have a very "live and let live" attitude in my garden.

Your suggestions make me think that it may be earwigs now.

that said, i had a bumper crop of peonies this season -- in northern california no less! -- so the loss of a few blooms isn't catistropic. i'm just curious as who's doing the nibbling :)

again, many thanx for your suggestions.


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