Does my first tree Peony have a name? Pls help to ID!

alina_1May 2, 2007


I am very excited about my first tree Peony bloom. I bought it on late season sale at Park's as NOID Tree Peony. I've been waiting anxiously for its only bud to open and here it is:

I like it no matter what it is, but if someone can help me to identify it I will appreciate it greatly!

Sorry, I did not adjust the date, the picture was taken yesterday.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Alina, could it be shimanishiki? This type is grown widely and offers flowers that are different combinations of pink white and red. I bought one myself this spring, no blooms yet, of course, but I hope it will look like yours.

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Hi Rian, thanks for your suggestion! I love Shimanishiki, I was going to order one. But I thought that it is more white with red than pink. Is such a wide color range possible in one variety?
I think my Peony looks more like this one.
Please post of your Shimanishiki when it will bloom!

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lemecdutex(z15 CA Petaluma)

I don't think it's that Chinese Tree Peony, yours pretty much looks like one of the Japanese ones, and Shimanishiki can vary tremendously. I've recently come to find out that there are several "forms" of tree peonies with the exact same name. Makes it pretty impossible to tell what you've got at times. Just about any time I see a Japanese plant with stripes, it's got nishiki in the name (it means brocade).


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Though I'm far from being an expert about peonies in general, or especially so the "tree" ones, I've read only a few articles about the Chinese Tree Peonies, and that emphasized the way they're grown moreso than the actual varieties offered, though just reading on the topic, the flower forms are generally quite different I guess, with the Chinese ones being much more doulble , without the more open centers in most Japanese ones. The major difference in one article emphasized the fact that the Chinese ones being offered may be rooted cuttings rather than the most frequently offered grafted Japanese ones found offered by most U.S. sources. There was also some discussion about proper planting depths for the grafted tops to root, and perhaps to remove or NOT to remove the herbceous rootstocks once the grafts have rooted well. Having tried that once, I no longer do, though perhaps in the long run , it might be advisable. A long topic of debate , that might prove to be however? At any rate, perhaps more of the Chinese varieties will be offered in the future, though I'm not familiar with any of them right now. As for the "unnamed" status of many plants offered by various nurseries, I'd guess it's just a slick way of offering various cultivars and hybrids, without worrying about those "touchy" pattents etc. or at least that's been my suspicioun in most cases. I guess in general it's thought that if any "unnamed" plant is offered cheaply enough, most folks aren't at all concerned about precise names for their plants?

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Look at shimano fugi at

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Thank you for your help! Knowing that it is grafted and basing on its form, I was thinking it is Japanese. I like knowing my plants' names, but if it is that hard to determine, I am OK with that. Thanks for all info!

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Too many things dictate what a tree peony is named. I agree it is a Japanese type tree peony but many of the plants, if on their own roots are seedlings. I know of at least a couple of wholesale companies that offer seedlings. At one of the HPS sales a couple of years ago we were able to get 100rd tp seedlings. At that time no one wanted a unnamed tp and I ended up with some of the leftovers which range from white to blush, a peach which is wonderful, and one that is about 12 inches that that had its first bloom this year ready to open when the freeze hit. Just because you don't know if it has a name should mean you love it more. After all it could be the only one and it is YOURS.

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