Blooms turned black!

olivia23May 18, 2007

Last year I bought a peony bulb from walmart (the kind in a green bag), and planted it near the end of summer. I had forgotten what it was and it grew a little then winter came.

Now the begining of spring comes and it's growing and I had now idea what it was until I looked on here.

Now about two weeks ago I noticed a bulb with ants all over it. It opend a little and I could see pink and white. Now the bloom looks dead. The bloom turned brown and dried up. There are no other blooms at all even though it is a bush plant. The plant looks healthy but the boom doesn't. My neighbor has two that get full sun and she does nothing to them and they are georgous. I really don't know much about peonies and I am trying to learn. I belive I read they need full sun, so do I need to dig it up and move the plant, or do I need to wait until the fall?

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There are alot of searches you can do to find out about peonies.
A) sometimes it takes 3 years to get a full blooming plant after you put it in the ground OR transplant an existing one. I wouldn't have expected even one bloom if I were you.

B) Ants are normal on peonies. They only eat the sweet coating on the outside of the bloom. They are neither beneficial nor harmful.

C) Peonies do thrive in full sun (5-6 hours/day). Its best if they get that sun throughout the morning, but I have some that get afternoon sun as well.

D)Here is a link that describes diseases of the peony.

E) If you love peonies as much as the rest of us, wait until the plants foliage has died back in the fall, then transplant it. Like I said, this could stop the bloom time for another year. Also, the crown should be no more than 2" under the soil. If its deeper than that, the plant may not bloom at all. Google search, transplanting peonies and peony care and you will find a host of information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peony Diseases

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This year,depending on where you are at, many of the buds were damaged by that freeze we had. The freeze and frost conditions reached all the way to the gulf. Newly planted peonies will abort the flowers in defense of the plant if threatened

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