tree peony with weak stems

proteinqueenfcccMay 24, 2009

Not a regular visitor to this forum but hoping for an answer for my computer phobic mother. She has a yellow tree peony, about 4 years old that is not able to hold up the flower blooms. The beautiful flowers are buried amongst the leaves. It seems to be healthy otherwise, is this a badly bred plant; is there anything (short of splinting the stems)that she can do ie, pruning, fertilizer??? I'm sorry but I don't know the cultivar or where she got it. Appreciate any insight you care to offer.


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This is probably High Noon one of the first yellow tree peonies. It is bred to have its blooms held down as do most of Saunders plants. She can cut the flowers and float in water but nothing is going to change the plants habit. If you have a high wall you could position so the plant is next to it. I have my Alice Harding on the top of a roadside recline and thanks to the path the racoons have made it can be seen beautifully by passing motorest.

You can of course purchase on of the other yellows for her as a gift or one of the intersectionals such as Bartzella or Garden Treasure. However they have no winter beauty as their stems are herbaceous in nature and should be removed after fall freezes.

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