Lobata vs. Lactiflora. Which should I plant?

summerstar(Z7VA)May 29, 2009

The summer sun in Central Virginia is very strong. I can water cone flowers one day and the following afternoon they'll wilt, but not because of the lack of water. It has to do with the intense sun here. I read that the Hybrid varieties (Lobata) can die back in summer heat and that comment made me rethink ordering Hybrids.

I read that the Chinese peonies (Lactiflora) holds its leaves right to autumn. That sounds like the variety I need, but this has limited my choices considerably. There's so many Hybrids that I love! I notice that Hollingsworth Peonies will openly state if a particular Hybrid is susceptible to die back in the heat of summer. Do you think I need to limit my variety of peonies?

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No. The only limitations would be for teniflora species. You only think you have heat. In this area, and that includes Don Hollingsworth's, summer temperatures alway go above 100F. His plants are out in open fields. What you need to understand is that most plants that are stressed by heat or lack of moisture will draw moisture from the leaves back to the main stems and roots. When the temperature cools/rains that moisture will return to the leaves. This is what is happening to your cone flowers and others that wilt on hot days then recover. If you water water early morning or late 8-9pm after it cools. My thought is that watering makes for a weaker plant so unless there is a long drought 3 weeks or more I do not water.

Unless it has gone out of business you have a peony place in Gainesville, VA, Nicholls Gardens that you can check for plants. You can do a search for Virginia peony growers or nurseries. Do not discount your area parks for sources to view peonies to see if they will meet your whats.

Here is a link that might be useful: Posible peonies

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