The S in First Blooms this Season

lizbest1(5)May 31, 2013

Got three of the same variety of tree peony from Michigan Bulb the first fall in our house 7 years ago. Had seen what some of the tree peonies go for and wasn't expecting much from these (I think it was 3 for $9.95!) They've all grown pretty well and are the first peony to open until now, Claire de Lune beat them this year! Not a huge or dramatic bloom but pretty in it's own, quiet way and smells nice.....

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Hi Liz: I think they sold you the wrong peony. Tree peonies are more expensive and perhaps the other two are tree peonies, but from my recollection, this is a herbaceous peony. Did they sell this as a tree peony? Anyone else have any helpful suggestions. I stopped buying from them years ago because they sent incorrect plants and usually the so called dormant ones never broke dormancy because they were all dried and shriveled. They did not like giving refunds when they make mistakes.

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If you purchased as a tree peony it was not planted deep enough and the tree part died. What your picture shows is an herbaceous, probably the nurse root the tree peony was grafted onto. When you purchase tree peonies in the future make certain that most of the stem above the graft is under ground.

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I think this photo is a tree peony. The flower bud is different from
the flower buds of a herbaceous peony.

The flower buds of a herbaceous peony looks like small balls, while the flower buds of a tree peony looks like a peach.

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All of the blooms are from woody stems, none of them die back to the ground like herbaceous peony. Here's a pic of the largest of the 3 plants, buds haven't opened on that one yet.

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Yeah Marsha, I don't order from them very often any more. Every now and then something will catch my eye and I'll take a chance...their prices are so low it's not much of a risk. I ordered some lilies from them this year, will post some pics when they bloom. All are up and looking good, so far! As for the tree peonies--I didn't know at the time that $9.95 for 3 plants was way too low...all the catalog posted on them was tree and white blooms, no name or anything else so I said why not? Never saw them in later catalogs, either.
I don't know how good/bad they are on giving refunds but they're excellent on sending replacement plants when something doesn't grow or isn't right.

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Come on, guys! This one is a tree peony, isn't it? The shape is completely different from my other peonies, it has to be a different type, right? If not tree, does anyone know what it is?

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Yes, it is a tree peony, beautiful.

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