Pics of palms and random misc.

jaynboro(7 TN)March 4, 2012

Windmill and pindo palm with Jack and Jordie

Windmill palm and it's spear growth.

Sabal minors--unprotected for 3 years

Mexican fan palm and windmill by its side.

Sabal Birmingham. If you look close, you can see the beginnings of a new spear coming out. Finally!

Water Lilly trying to bloom.

Palm tree loving chickens.

Potted palms out of the greenhouse hanging out under the hammock shelter to enjoy the mild weather but staying dry and providing some protection from frost.

Me next to my biggest trachy. I'm 6'2" so guess the tree is 7 foot?

And a cool waterfall down near Manchester/Tullahoma area. Look close and you can see a nice house up above the falls.

. This bat was sleeping on the side of an old cedar tree in Blanton Cemetary up on the Devils Backbone.

Final pic! Needle palm and 3 cabbage palm seedlings. Oh, and a dandelion.

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HardyPalmFreak((7b)(Bronx, NY))

Awesome pics! Great job!

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Nice pics Jay. Love the waterfall. Bet there are some nice trout in there lol. Since you have chickens do you use composted chicken manure on your palms and if so what have your results been like?

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Nice pics, I know that Mexican fan palm enjoyed this winter. I would love to have one of those but I'm not sure I could keep it alive when it got tall.

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Nice collection. Do you protect everything except the sabal minors?

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jaynboro(7 TN)

This year I only protected the large windmill and butia with tents and lights on extremely cold nights. The Mexican fan was wrapped with lights and I slid chicken feed sacks over it like a sleeve to keep in the heat followed by a small tarp to keep the top dry. The windmill on the southwest side of house only received Christmas lights on really cold nights. Plus a piece of plastic on the ground covered with mulch to keep the roots on the dry side to prevent rot.

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Great pics-

you guys live in a beautiful area!

Click for weather forecast

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Awesome pics! The trachys are getting to be a really nice size and so are those butias! I like your dogs and chickens too!
Thanks for sharing!

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jaynboro(7 TN)

Thanks Alex. Thanks Jim.

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You can sit under your Trachy. How cool is that.. Awesome waterfall.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I conquer,everything looks great.Your palms look very happy where there at.I'm just curious but what size was you S.birmingham palm when you planted it?Why I ask is because I have one that's a 7gal.that I thought about planting this spring.I don't know if I should wait till it gets bigger before I plant it.It means a lot to me because of who gave it to me.I Like the waterfall too.Do you plan on planting the European fan palm(the one in the pot) in the ground?

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jaynboro(7 TN)

Butiaman: the sabal birmingham was the size you see it now. It has been planted for 3 years I think. It was just a small plant I received in the mail. It has basically just sat there and done nothing. Am hoping it has spent the past years growing a good root system. Has finally shown signs of growth. If you look at the pic of the the chicken coop, at the far right of the bed with the sabal minors there is a rusty moose. At the bottom of the moose you can see the sabal Birmingham. Gives you an idea of how small it is.

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