Good Varieties for Pepper Jelly?

iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)January 8, 2011

We've discovered that we absolutely love hot pepper jelly. Are there any particular varieties that work best to make a flavorful jelly that sets up well?

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I used Bhut Jolokia. Tastes great on a cracker with cream cheese. Hot!

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

Blazing hot doesn't work for us. Usually Jalapenos or Mexibells are the hottest we work with though the pepper jelly recipe I used, which called for half jalapenos and half bell peppers, could have been somewhat spicier.

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i used ring of fire and jersey red bells to make a cinnamon + pepper jelly.
the results were fantastic.

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I make a hot pepper jelly that has had many compliments on, and I use a small hot pepper called INCA RED DROP.
Put this jelly over creme cheese with some crushed pecans and serve with crackers.
I hope this helps

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rdback(Z6 VA)

I follow the Habanero Gold recipe, which can be found over on the Harvest Forum (can probably be found here as well).

It calls for Orange Habs, but I use Golden Habs. I like their heat level and flavor profile better than the Orange.

Don't let using Habs scare you. I've had all kinds of folks try this jelly, and have yet to have anyone say its too hot. Most usually keep digging in for more and/or asking for their own jar to take home.

By the way, you can substitute any pepper to like, just don't change the total amount of pepper used.


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Rick, I want to try Habanero jelly this year.
I would be interested in more detail about the difference of Orange and Golden Habs.
I grew the orange in 2010, but they were ready to use just before Christmas and I had trouble finding canning supplies and free time.

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rdback(Z6 VA)

Hi ruthz,

I usually refrain from discussing heat level/taste of a pepper because there are so many variables, but I did bring it up in my previous post so here goes.

Using my peppers I've grown in my garden as my sample, I will say the following:

Orange Hab - Fair amount of heat (200K-300K SHU), but lacking in overall flavor. Tastes like a glass of water with a tsp of fruit juice added, i.e. pretty much plain with faint fruity overtones. The Orange Hab is sometimes used as the "ruler" when discussing heat, i.e. is it as hot or hotter than an Orange Hab?

Golden Hab - Good amount of heat (hotter than an Orange Hab 300K-400K SHU), larger than an Orange Hab, with a more pronounced fruity flavor. Also, the ones I've grown seemed to have thicker walls than the Orange Habs, as I recall.

Don't know if that helps or not, but there you have it. *smile*

Also, remember you can just pop your habs in the freezer when they're ripe, if you don't have time to "process" them. When convenient, just thaw and use, i.e. cooking, jellies, jams, dehydrating etc. Some folks slice them in half prior to freezing to make sure there's nothing bad going on inside. Also, if you want to save seeds, remember to remove them prior to freezing. Freezing mostly likely will kill the seeds.

Will, there's my .02


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and here's my $.02

I think the best pepper jelly is made from a combination of various hot peppers and a few sweet ones. I made 'Habernero Gold' this past fall and used 'habernero, Serrano, jalape�o, cayenne and a few sweet reds. It is hot and spicy but not over-whelming. It is so good served on top of cream cheese on a cracker.

I don't think it makes too much difference how many you use of each variety - the total volume after grinding (I used a food processor) should be a quart or whatever the recipe calls for. I use red, yellow, green and orange peppers for the confetti effect.

I will grow my own Habaneros this year since I got them at a farm stand last year and don't know what variety I bought.

Rick - thanks for the tip to use 'Golden Hab'


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I have seeds for yellow habernero and Fatali.I don't have Golden Habernero seeds.
Has anyone tried using the Fatali in the 'Habernero Gold' recipe?

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I use habaneros for my jelly I have a very good easy recipe I use. I may have to try to grow some golden habs this year and try those. This recipe isnt hot read the reviews and also do not substitute powdered pectin only use Certo if you want it to set! I also double the recipe with good results and dont be shy with the peppers you can use more than it calls for it really allows you to taste the pepper and its not all that hot!

Here is a link that might be useful: habanero jelly recipe

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Pepper Jelly is my number 1 jelly I sell at my Farmers Market booth.

I make Jalapeno and Habanero. I have Red, Green, Yellow Jalapeno (also purple, but I quit making it) For habanero, I have Red Habanero, Orange Habanero, Chocolate Habanero, and "White Lightning" Habanero made with white habaneros.

I also make "Hot Lava" where I only use habanero and cut out the bell pepper.

The Bulgarian Carrot Pepper makes a really good orange pepper jelly. I quit growing and making it because it wouldn't sell. No matter how much talk I put in. "Carrot Pepper" jelly didn't sound appealing.

My recipe uses bell pepper and hot pepper.

Just a word of advice, Nitis, it is not recommended to double recipes when making jelly. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. It is better safe than sorry and make two batches. Just my two cents!


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I'm growing some habs, fatalii's and other hots (other than just Jals and serranos) this year. My mouth is watering, thanks for the good advice on the pepper jelly.

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I have heard that the Datil makes a wonderful jelly. I did not get any Datil pods last year, so I cannot personally attest to it, but the folks that talk about it have nothing but raves.

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Thanks Jay I have been down that road however I have been very successful doubling this recipe I think that the CERTO is so user friendly it really does not matter.

Do you have any recipes you care to share I am all about trying new ones.

I am currently trying to perfect soemthing for the county fair this year that would be a spicy wine jelly

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The habenero gold recipe is fabulous. I swapped out all the red sweet peppers for straight habaneros and it was still not too hot, even for the people in my family that don't do peppers. I would recommend doing it with straight habaneros, no sweet peppers.
I'm going to try a Serrano and marmalade jelly this week to use up some too bitter Meyer lemon marmalade. Might add some Habs to that, too.

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bob_in_pc(z8 FL)

I make a pepper jelly with Caribbean Reds and dried apricots that's pretty good.........

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There is a request above for recipes using hot pepper jelly. Here are a few ideas:

1. Slice boned chicken breast or pork tenderloin into very thin slices. Stir fry quickly in a bit of butter and olive oil. Just before it is cooked through add 2 heaping tablespoons of hot pepper jelly and stir until jelly is melted. Serve by itself or over rice. Delicious!

2. When making a dressing for potato salad or cole slaw add a teaspoon of hot pepper jelly. Try adding 1/2 teaspoon of jelly to french or olive oil/vinegar dressings.

3. When making hot pepper jelly roast the peppers first and remove the pepper skins when they cool. This makes a smoother jelly without tough bits of skin throughout and removes some of the excess water in the peppers that sometimes prevents the jelly from setting.

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

In addition to using my pepper jelly as a condiment on roast beef or turkey sandwiches, I've used it as a glaze on baked chicken.

I used the microwave to melt it then brushed it onto chicken pieces in thin layers the same way I'd do making BBQ chicken in the oven with purchased sauce. It came out very well.

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sunnyk(Z6 SW Coastal CT)

Has anyone ever run across a recipe for Hot Pepper Jelly using Splenda? I have searched and never come across one. My husband is diabetic and can no longer eat regular jelly, but used to really enjoy Hot Pepper Jelly back in the day.

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This isn't as much fun as making it at home, but I have had this and it is pretty good:

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sunnyk(Z6 SW Coastal CT)

Thanks for the link simsedward.
Well at least I know now that it is possible to make. And if I can't do it myself I have a place I can buy it from :-)

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Sunnyk, you could use Pomona pectin and splenda. It will set water. Might take some experimenting to get the right flavor. Splenda gets stronger when canned, I think, so if in doubt, use less.

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Hi all...
I am new member although i have been visiting this site allot as a good reference spot.. Today I tired an alternate pepper jelly recipe and it turned out great... i always play around with small batches and mix different things together...First timer when it comes to making pepper jelly just heard about it and since i had so many peppers and many peaches i tried a batch !

i made the normal pepper jelly recipe and then i added peaches.......MMMMM Good.
i put in one peach for every cup of pepper jelly then i added some more...i would say that that for the 10 cups of pepper jelly i added a total of 16 peaches..and since i always cut the sugar to half or 1/3 recommended it added a nice natural taste of sugar to it....
AND remember to remove the skin from the peaches

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Many of the baccatums (like Lemon Drop, Aji Amarillo) can really contribute a great flavor that works well with different fruit jams, especially citrus.
The NuMex types or lower-heat jalapenos are very good on their own as a jam, or as a low-heat additive. The ripe(red) ones have the most flavor and sweetness.
Maybe try some of the "mock" habs that have very little heat at all, like a Trinidad Perfume or Datil Sweet.
Happy canning!

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