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mastiffhoo(7)March 8, 2012

Here in central Va, the extended forecast looks - well let's say - AWESOME! With the exception of a somewhat cool weekend (actually about average, the rest looks great! I surely hope the mild winter/early spring continues. Also, looking forward to day light savings :) Of course, things can change at any moment - but this is most certainly promising for a head start to major growth for the season!

My forecast:


High: 59ð

Low: 34ð


High: 58ð

Low: 32ð


High: 63ð

Low: 42ð


High: 66ð

Low: 49ð

Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

74ðF 78ðF 73ðF 72ðF 67ðF

High High High High High

51ðF 50ðF 47ðF 48ðF 47ðF

Low Low Low Low Low

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Same here--really warm. Locally, early spring is historically not pleasant due to cold sea temps at coastal locales at this time of year. But this year has been sunny and mild from early February. Makes up for last year big time! Have a great weekend everybody! I'll be slathering on the coconut oil by Sunday.

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Great forecast here too! The nice weather starts again on Sunday....

Sunday: 62/40
Monday: 65/49
Tuesday: 72/50
Wedmesday: 67/51
Thursday: 68/44
Friday: 61/46
Saturday: 63/48

Time to take the plants back outside again!

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This has got to be the very earliest my tropicals got out. Mind you, first frost is late here, so many of the tropicals will be out from now to December, and my date palms have been out since mid February.

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earthworm73(WA z8)

All I have to say is yall are lucky.

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Forecast hasnt been as good here as it was last week. Thursday didnt even make it about 50F and Friday barely did. All of the cold the past 2 days included lots of cloudy weather too.
Today is at least sunny, but still cold (58F currently) compared to the 80s in areas just to our west. You only have to take about a 1 hour drive west to see 70s. Forecast is getting better, but then getting worse. We missed out on a once in a lifetime heat wave. Kind of jealous is an understatement, but the good news is that it wasnt a total loss because we did get some really beautiful days (which probably made this cooler weather much harder to handle for me!).
Here is the forecast. Compare this to cities to the west that will be in the upper 70s and low 80s for much of next week...

Today - 60/44
Sunday - 63/47
Monday - 70/53
Tuesday - 69/54
Wednesday - 67/52
Thursday - 68/52
Friday - 66/48
*** This is where the average temperatures begin to come back...
Saturday - 57/43
Sunday- 57/39

So its not a bad forecast, but some of these days may not get as warm as forecasted (just like how the forecast yesterday was 15 DEGREES OFF when they forecasted 67F and we only got to 52F!)
Hope the warm weather stays because I dont want to have to take all my plants back in!

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Alex, your forecast looks much different than the ones I am seeing--and I am quite close to NYC. Currently, in the 60's, near 70 tomorrow then low to mid 70's. You must be dealing with sea breezes. I agree, small distances at this tie of year make a big difference.

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Sea breezes are making a HUGE difference. Right now Im seeing upper 60s on the local temperature maps in places literally a 20 minute drive away. Its only in the upper 50s here. Wish the sea breezes helped this much when it was cold outside, but seems like its hurting us much more then helping us right now! Better than parts of Long Island that havent passed the 40s today! Thats below average! If you look at some of the really good current temperature maps, you can see a HUGE difference between coastal areas and areas that are just a but away from the coast.


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That 's where I am, just a bit away from the coast. A 20 minute drive away!? Alex, this is the Greater NJ \ NYC Metro Area--where bridges, tunnels, rivers, traffic, accidents, chaos, etc, make a journey of 5 miles seem an ungodly odyssey. :) But take my word for it, Spring has sprung!

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Of course 20 minutes as in 20 minutes without the endless traffic or the 1000's of red lights! How is the forecast in your area, NJ, compared to mine?
One thing that is definitely for sure is that spring is here! All the trees are about to burst into bloom into bloom now!

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Forecast seems to depend on the source... Nat weather...weather.com...whatever. Complicated temp forecasts this time of year. I see low to mid 70's or upper 60's depending on the source. But I think it's gonna be a fairly warm week with lots of sun...just a feeling. Again, we do need rain for a change. Planted some trees this week in the yard-- an Atlas Blue Cedar and more Bald cypress.

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Weather.com also has us in the upper 60s, but Accuweather has us in the 70s (but they are saying snow next week, so I think I'll be sticking to weather.com's forecast for now!). We dont need much rain here but we did a week ago. Might need some rain again after this warm spell (but looks like some is in the forecast). Sounds like our forecasts are pretty similar now that the ocean isn't going to be as much of an influence this week. I hope we get warmer than forecasted, like you said, seems like there is a lot of sun in the forecast.

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Alex, snow?! Have to check that forecast because I see nothing remotely that cold --mostly, 60's and 70's with a stray upper 50's--still above normal by the way. I have everything out of my greenhouse except for a few of the rarer cycads. My basement still has the more tender palms and even would probably be okay but don't have the time or stamina today. I did suffer the loss of a mango over the winter as it was probably too cold for it even after a mild winter. As I type this on the back deck, I see white butterflies fluttering about and after a morning of solid overcast, not a cloud in the sky!

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