Mystery white and pink peonies

deebs43(5)May 24, 2007

I moved into a new house, with no plant history at all, and had these two peonies open today. A third plant (looks like blossoms will be pale pink) should open in the next day or two, just in time for the bit thunderstorms.

Anybody know which they might be? There's another post from someone in Illinois who has a very similar, if not identical, pink peony.



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The white ones MIGHT be festiva maxima, a very old variety, we had at my Mom's house. Are they fragrant? FM is very fragrant.

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Yep, it's quite fragrant. Smells just like a tea rose, in fact! After I posted this last night I was looking at a peony society web page and found pictures of Candy Heart and Lady Alexandra Duff, both of which the white one resembles. The pink one kind of looks like Felix Crousse, but I am completely new to peonies and am just going by pictures on a web site. Not very fool proof! :-)

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bamboogrrrl(z5 NY)

The first is definitely Festiva Maxima. I should know: I've got 10!

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Another vote for Festiva Maxima--popular for more than 150 years--grows from Alaska to Alabama. The best peony ever!

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