Is it possible to transplant a LARGE Sago Palm ?

marciemMarch 10, 2010

We have a home with a big sago that was here when we bought our So. CA home many years ago. I love Sagos but this was planted in the wrong place, right next to a walk way to our front door, and we can only let it fronds grow straight up.

It has a base (touching the ground) of approximately 6 ft. circumference with 3 trunks (each about 6ft. tall) coming out of this base. The total height including fronds is approx. 10 ft. tall. I'm guessing this Sago Palm is approximately 30 years old.

I'd love to keep it if it could be transplanted as I know how $$$ this tree would be. Is it possible to transplant? Any ball park price as to how much it would cost to transplant? Is there a market to sell this, maybe Craig's List ? I'm a novice gardener and don't know what to do. I'm happy to post a photo if it is possible or I can email a photo. Thank you for any suggestions. Marcie

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Sago "Palms" (they are cycads, not palm trees) are easy to transplant. I'm a landscaper and have transplanted many of them and never lost a one.

The big one you have probably needs to be moved with a crane because of the weight of the root ball. Hire someone who knows what they are doing to do the work.

As far as value goes, craigslist has many of them for sale and they don't seem to move very quickly. They are quite common even rather large ones.

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They are expenisive, and in demand, but there is more supply then demand. As for transplanting I agree, its pretty easy, but it will require a crane if its heavy. Just cut all the laves off when it reaches its new place and it will slowly grow a new flush as it becomes established.

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I've never done any trimming of the green fronds on the ones I have transplanted and there sure seems to have been no ill effects. The transplanting seems to make the Sago go into shock and mine don't send out any new growth for about a year.

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Thank you for your responses. I appreciate them.

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Just wondering what you ended up doing? I'm trying to figure out what to do with mine. They poke everyone that walks up to my front door. I don't think the original planters knew it would get so big. Somebody told me a nursery might buy it and come remove it for me?

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We have a nursery located in the L.A. area and we periodically remove Sago Palms from peoples' yards. However due to the rules of these boards, I may not offer you this service here. May I suggest you contact nurseries in your area, and perhaps one will be interested in helping you?

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Yes, they can be transplanted. I live in Fl and have moved many Sago palms over the years. Never had one die. Very hard to kill a sago. Just up root and roll it to the new hole. I have also moved them from military bases tearing down buildings, some 6 ft high, transported in the back of my pickup to home yards.

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