Free Seeds: Passiflora 'Royale' x quadrangularis

rodrifc(10A)November 23, 2013

Hello everyone,

I just harvested five fruit from my Passiflora 'Royale' vine, and have prepared them for sowing. All the fruit were hand-pollinated with P. quadrangularis pollen, a close relative, which should make for very viable seeds. I'm going to plant a few, but I obviously can't grow them all. So if you are interested in a pack, just send me a message so that you can send me a self-addressed envelope.

I think the hybrids these seeds will produce are better for ornamental purposes, but you might be able to get some fruit off of them. Passiflora 'Royale' fruit isn't that great - it's more or less edible, but I think it has a barely noticeable strange smell. The fruit from the P. quadrangularis used as the male parent is excellent, however. I would say it's one of the best passion fruit I've tasted. It has a very good taste, and it isn't as acidic as P. edulis flavicarpa. Even the thick outer pith was very sweet and edible (in Cuba, my aunt would make a delicious dessert by blending the ENTIRE fruit - pulp and pith - and then straining the seed fragments). So this hybrid should have intermediate qualities, but you would need at least two seedlings so they can pollinate each other, or other compatible passion vines.

Passiflora quadrangularis:

Passiflora 'Royale' - P. macrocarpa x (x decaisneana)

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i would love to have some of these passiflora seeds if you have any left, i will send you sase

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Would like to try these; LMK where to send SASE.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

I know how late to this party I am, but if you have any left rodrific, I'd be up to growing out some of your lovely passions. May I ask what zone you live in? Your plants are beautiful. I can see you spend a lot of time with your collection, it really shows.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

PS: And your aunt's recipe would be nice if you could share. I have unripe quadrangularis cross on vine right now. Something new is tempting :)

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Just discovered this vine and I love it! I was given one as a gift and it has been flowering since Christmas. If you still have seeds available I am interested. Your vine is stunning and all your hard work and care shows. Thanks for your time.

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That is a very beautiful flower, let me know if I can still get seeds? Do you know if its a host plant for butterflies? I had a Lady Margaret passion vine, it just died this past year. I had lots of cats on it, and it was very beautiful too.

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I am not sure if you still have some seeds. Can send a SASE. I am a new collector in Central Florida. I am growing Passiflora Lunametista, Elizabeth, Coral Glow, Coral Seas, and P. loefgrennii.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

I have this plant and will tell you, that because the flower is closed slightly, I have not seen many butterflies on it. Ants seem to pollinate it. However, if you are into Butterfly gardening and passionflowers, this link does offer passion flowers for Butterfly Gardeners:

If you continue to scroll down, they also sell seeds that are fresh, a necessity with Passion flower.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passion Flower plants and seeds

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Thanks for the great link.

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I would love to have the recipe, my mother used to talk about this too. but she never acquired it, before leaving Cuba. Also, do you know if you would get fruit from crossing the P. quadrangularis together, or is that not possible? I'm new to the passion flowers.

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I would love to have some seeds..if still available.

Thank you

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Hi rodrifc,

If you have any free passifilora Royale x quad, please i would likt to have some of the seeds.

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I love this passiflora, in my country, Colombia, it name is Badea and it is used for make drinks and desserts.

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Would you have any of these seeds left? I would love to have some. Where can I send sase to?

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any chance you have seeds for your P. quadrangularis? :) thank you!

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I would love to receive seeds from this beauty when you have some available. Thank you

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Do you have any seeds left? I sent you an email!

    Bookmark   June 7, 2014 at 4:37PM
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