why do only some of my peonies bloom

sarahlynnwhiteMay 7, 2010

Hi All!

About 6 years ago I moved and took my grandmother's peonies with me. I planted them quickly and they took well and bloomed the following year. Where I had planted them was just a quick fix to get them into the ground. Three years ago I made them there own special area and transplanted them. I divided them into smaller groupings because I had heard that you can divide peonies. What I have now are two bunches that are full and tall and budding... and about 10 that are very small and only produce foliage. By first glance you wouldn't even think they were the same variety due to the difference in size of the foliage. I thought maybe they were like iris's and need time for the roots to develop before they will bloom, but recently I've been reading about root depth. I did plant the roots pretty deeply- do you think I should pull them up a bit... or just give them more time and maybe they will eventually bud. I find it strange that in the other area they did bloom, first year there. Hmmm.... I really appreciate any help. Thanks.

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It does sound like they are planted too deep. Better to dig them up this fall and replant so that the buds are about 2 inches below the surface in most areas, less in the south.

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