P. loefgrenii fruit edible?

michaelg_sz17(Z9b)November 16, 2010

My Passiflora loefgrenii is producing a lot of quite large fruits (~3-4" long). I read somewhere that they are supposed to be edible and taste of garlic. Has anyone here tried to eat the fruit and how was the experience?

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I couldn't tell you but there are a few people here that grow P. loefgrenii and regularly post so hopefully they'll chime in. Even if it's edible it doesn't sound palatable if it tastes like garlic. If you have extra seeds would you be interested in trading for another variety of passiflora seeds?

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Karyn, I'd be happy to trade some seeds with you. I am mostly interested in high altitude species because of the cool climate here along the coast. I'll send you an e-mail.

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I suppose it depends on your taste buds, but I found loefgrenii to taste terrible, similar to caerulea or amethystina, though I think the latter is the worst of the bunch.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to try as long as it is ripe, but don't have high hopes...

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Eric I didn't realize that amethystina was edible. I think it smells like turpentine. I couldn't even get my sugar gliders to try that one and they'll at least take a nibble of most varieties. Michael I replied to your email.

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Whoa now... I never said it was edible. For all I know, it's poisonous. I don't eat any of those that taste bad, but I have tasted a tiny bit of most, and smell them all. There are quite a few that are inedible in my opinion. The three above are certainly some of the worst. P. herbertiana should be added to the list of horrible tasting ones as well.

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