Fertilizing Peonies

gdebrockeMay 17, 2005

After just sitting there for a couple of years, maybe 3, after moving them 225 miles north, my peonies decided to explode last year! Looks like the same thing this year. My question is this, not they need any, but when's the best time to fertilize and what kind of fertilizer to use?

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blueheron(z6 PA)

I usually spread some dehydrated cow manure around the plant in the spring.

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Soil up here is super acidic. Lot's of oak trees. Should I be sweeting the soil with lime or stove ashes? Don't want to ruin a good thing. How about a little superphosphate in the Spring?

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Ya know, peonies aren't really fussy plants. You're better off leaving them alone to do their thing and not worry about them. You will end up killing them with kindness. Quite a few of my peonies are under black walnut trees and they do fine. Just enjoy their blooms and relax. ;)

IA Z5a

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