New peony developing brown, dry leaves

dholl99May 19, 2008

I planted this peony about 3 weeks ago. It's been doing fine but 4 days ago started developing these strange brown, drying spots on the leaves. The crown still looks ok but I'm afraid this drying is going to spread to the entire plant. It sits on the east side of our home, gets suck until about 3 every day and has been getting plenty of rain. Please help! What's wrong with this plant?


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Looks like sun burn.

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I have the same problem, although my peony was brand new in January of this year and was doing well until about a month and a half ago when it ceased growing and the leaves started turning a strange color and slightly crispy on the edges of the leaves. I don't think it is sun as the weather has not been particulary scorching and I have always kept her in a place where she can not get burnt. PLEASE HELP. I DONT WANT HER TO DIE

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I have three peony plants that I planted this past Spring. One of them is burning up, and I don't know why. The other two look good. No blooms this year, however. I don't think it's sunburn since the other two are in the same place. Anyone have any ideas on this?

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When a peony starts out looking good, and then all of a sudden starts to burn up, turn brown and eventually decline, it is usually a problem with the root system. It can either be caused by bad drainage, over-watering, drought, poor draining soil, fungal diseases, or a number of other factors.

The best way to ensure that you get a very good start on your peonies whether it is herbaceous, itoh, or tree type, is to have them potted up until they become very well established in their pots. This helps them handle the conditions of being planted in the ground much better.

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