Maturing passiflora seeds

alys_esmond(9b Orlando)November 2, 2011


I think I killed my incensia. I'd planted it in entirely the wrong spot and decided it needed moving. It did not come up in a ball of roots, rather just all the stems pulled out of the soil with about 6-12" of white stem with very few roots. Now all those vines are dead.

Of course, the little suckers keep popping up in a 10-12' radius around the original location and I've been carefully digging those up and potting and babying. So, I think I've got some clones that I can plant again next spring.

My question is: There was a semi-ripe fruit on the vine when I pulled it up (it was partly wrinkled) and I snipped it off and put it on my kitchen counter to finish ripening. That was about 10 days ago. Today I noticed that the thing has firmed up again and almost all the wrinkles are gone (cool if I could duplicate this on my face). Am I wasting my time waiting for ripening that will never happen?


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I hear ya about the face thing. lol If the fruit was almost ripe when picked there's a chance the seeds will mature if you let the fruit sit a while. I've no idea why the fruit firmed back up. I've never seen that happen but after allowing it to sit for 10 days I think you can open it up and see if the seeds are mature. If it hasn't matured yet I doubt it will.

I know someone that placed a cut vine with an immature fruit attached in a glass of water and it ripened but I've never tried it.

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My $0.02: Weird about the de-wrinkling, but I would suggest that the seeds should not continue to ripen for more than a day or two after taken off the vine. One thing that I have done in the past in a similar situation was to graft the peduncle to another plant. It's a small chance of success, but I have had it work to continue the ripening for an extra 3 weeks to end with viable seeds. An easier solution is to just open it up and hope for the best! If you have suckers already starting, you will have new flowers and fruits in no time.

Good luck!!


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Eric I had to cut back all my vines a little over a week ago. One of the fruits dropped and cracked open. The arils were plump and the seeds were full size but still light. I let the fruit sit on the counter for about a week and the seeds now look mature (brownish black). I split one open and the cotyledons appear moist and developed so I think they'll be viable. BTW if you read this tell Crystal I haven't forgotten and will email soon. I'm getting almost as bad as her with returning e-mails. lol

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Hi Karyn. That is both surprising and fascinating. We have had many fruits drop with immature seeds, and have always tossed them in the garbage. Perhaps they need to be at least to a certain stage.... hmmmm... that's something to think about and test next year!

I'll tell Crystal. I'm sure she has some things to discuss with you as well.


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