Seedmama's Squash

Lisa_H(7)June 22, 2012

Okay, I know it isn't REALLY your squash, but that is what I call them every time I see them! This spring I found a packet of the seeds that I had ordered for last year's Spring Fling.

I planted the seeds on a pile of woodchips left from the tree stump grinding. I put a little bit of dirt in the holes to gives them something to start on. They are growing like gangbusters. I will take a picture and post it to show you! I had to unweave them out of the chain link fence yesterday. Well, it might have been less unweaving and more yanking, but I got them back on my side of the fence :)


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It may take over your neighborhood, but they are good. LOL

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The promised squash pics! (surrounding the new compost pile, on top of the tree stump grindings)

and here is a compost planted pumpkin! (growing near the old compost pile)

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