Lifting peony roots for later replanting

aforest5May 30, 2009

Hi - My neighbor is knocking down his house later this week, to rebuild a new house - he has a beautiful long row of pink and white peonies that he is at a loss to save. I have taken a dozen plants with their roots and plan to replant them asap. However the remainder are still in the ground and I would like to try to help him salvage them. Can the roots be lifted and stored in some way from now until next spring (when the new house would be done)? Can they be stored in the ground in bulk, to be lifted and planted properly next spring? Any ideas how I can help him? Thanks!


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Nancy zone 6

If you could just find a place to replant them until next spring, they should be fine. If at all possible, move them by clumps without disturbing the roots much so the foliage can grow, you might even have bloom next spring. Not the right time of course, but if you want to save them, you do what you have to, & may very well be surprised at how well they do. I divided mine years ago right after they bloomed & still got some bloom the following year. That was before I knew not to divid in spring & not to plant too deep. They can handle some abuse.

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