One left to uncover.......

jimhardyMarch 30, 2013

The Washy will get uncovered(finally)next week....

Heres the rest....

Sequoia is in good shape after winter-some of the native Cedars look worse...

The "other" Princeps


Small CC

T.Martianus did better outside than it normally would do inside over winter..

S.Louisiana is about waist high now...

Waggie is poised for great things this year..

These "Spider" plants made it through winter in the cactus house...
that is Phlox coming up next to it.

Trachycarpus Princeps-love this palm...

Graptopetalum paraguayense made it through winter with only a clear cover on it-no heat! 0: amazing plant!

Cactus garden,the wooden board is 8' long...for scale.

B.Eriospatha is settled in(finally)and should have a big year.

Little T.ferns were zapped again last fall by cols but grew back some inside the winter cover..

Looking through some old Castor bean stalks-

Thanks for looking

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Great pics! The plants are all looking great as always and I'm sure the washy will look nice when you uncover it in a week! Your cactus house must stay nice and mild during the winter considering how well everything does in it!
I like all the silver palms! I think C. Cerifera is underated. I planted my small one outdoors and all it didn't get any individual protection (just whatever leftover frost cloth was hanging from underneath all the other palm's protection. It didnt get any damage! The T. Princeps looks great, that is definitely a beautiful palm! Can't wait to see how things are looking once the weather warms up, in a few weeks a lot of things will be growing again!

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Thanks Alex....

I checked the soil temp and much to my surprise(considering the cold March we had)it was already 53F @ 4",looking forward to seeing the Washy again.
I am a little concerned as we had a lot of moisture over winter and the mulch is quite soaked...that said,next Wednesday is the big day-I already know it is a little burned up as I was stubborn/lazy about covering it last fall-just wasn't sure how I was going to do it!(-:-I am sure some creative trimming will be needed.

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Very odd Winter here. Since the last two months have been, at times, well below average and exceedingly wet and windy...I've only just uncovered the in ground bananas. 50/50 they come back, but I always bring some inside for insurance. My large, unprotected Windmill looks tired as well. All the rain, snow, and wind has made him a little sick, but the emerging fronds are growing. Just want it to warm up to "normal" temps so I can give it a good feeding...

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