Impluse buy, need help!

happyintexas(z7 TX)May 21, 2005

I've read a bit about peonies, but never grown one. A few weeks ago at a local nursery, I walked past a display of one gallon pots and one hopped into my basket. Imagine that!

It is a Sarah Berhhart. I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (7A) where summers can have 100 degree heat and the winters can get down to 10 degrees.

Does this plant need full (Texas!) sun or part shade? LOts of water or not?

Tell me where to plant this girl. I'm excited about seeing her bloom next spring!!!!!!

Thank you!


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I hate to say this , but even though your zone sounds ok, as far as providing a cool winter rest, I'd think your summers might be just too hot for them to do well. Do other folks in your area grow them with success?? Down there, and considering your heat and very hot sun, I'd go for a shadier and cooler location , if you want them to survive those hot summers.

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My area gets over 100 F most summers what you have a problem with is humidity. You may need to treat for fungus several times in the summer to keep your plant health. That said enjoy.

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