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pshawn(9B, California)November 4, 2009

Hello passiflora-philes. I'm new to this whole passiflora hybridizing world, and I have a few questions:

1. Where would one be able to peruse a list of existing hybrids?

2. How would one register a new hybrid?

3. Why would one want to register a new hybrid?

4. If one of the parent vines is unidentified, is a picture of the parents and the hybrid of any use?

I will post photos of my first hybrids (I've got 4 or 5 different crosses at the 2 inch seedling stage) when they're flowering. I can't wait!!!!

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Don't register your hybrids before they hatch ;-). Most hybrids are not worth registering. They need to be really special in some way such as unique attractive flowers, extremely free-flowering, easy to grow, etc. or perhaps a cross that has never been made before.

You can find a list of registered hybrids and the guidelines and rules for naming at the link below (along with tons of good info).

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora Online-Registrar

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I must give my $0.02 worth here.

1. The lists of registered hybrids can be found following kininut's link above. You will find many links to pages of hybrds, though there is not one concise list anywhere that I can find. You need to go through all of them to determine whether your cross has been done and if your preferred names have been used.

2. You register a new hybrid on the same website. Download the form, fill it out, attach a picture of the flower, and send it to Les King.

3. The reason to register a new hybrid is your own. Do not do it for money or glory, because your chances of either are incredibly slim. Do so because you want to introduce the world to your special creation, or because you plan on hybridizing the resulting hybrids, or because you just want to show off, and have your name on the registration list. It's mostly about your love for the plants. I would agree with kiwinut that you need to be sure that your hybrid is unique in some way, though I would disagree that most hybrids are not worth registering. Look at the list and see if yours have already been done. If not, and they bloom easily, have unique flowers, and are reasonably hardy, you have a good chance of one or two of the 5 being worthy, (in my humble opinion).

4. I personally would not register anything with an unidentified parent, unless one of two things is true: A. It is unidentified because it was wild collected and CANNOT be IDed as of yet; B. The resulting flower is so spectacular that you cannot contain yourself, and you just have to do it anyway. That being said, why not alleviate those concerns by attempting to identify the missing links. This forum is a great place to start. If you don't feel like showing the whole world what your hybrids are, then just send the pictures and descriptions to me! I would love to help. If I cannot ID them, and none of the "experts" that I know can ID them, you have a unique flower indeed. Fix it BEFORE it is a problem.

Lastly, I would be very interested to hear what hybrids you are creating. If you feel so inclined, email me at Perhaps I can help somehow...


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