Wodveitchia 7 years later

siegel2March 22, 2014

Here's my Wodveitchia in 2007.

Now about seven years later.

The two palms to the right are Royals.

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Wow, that is so beautiful! Wodveitchia is without a doubt one of my favorite palm tree hybrids. They seem to do fantastic on the west coast. Looks like your yard has gotten very lush and tropical over the last 7 years. Thanks for sharing!

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Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)

Nice! Where did you buy your wodveitchia? I can only find dealers in San Diego who sell large palms. I'd like to try my hand with a younger palm and San Diego is a long way to drive for a palm. I'd consider going to the LA Basin for one though, I'm only 3 hours north of LA.

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Wow, you made a tropical paradise! So envious.

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Damn! That looks so good! Where are you in Southern California? and where did you get that palm? Everything looks tropically awesome!

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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

I got the palm at Rancho Solidad Nursery in north San Diego County. I'm in south Orange County.

Here's another look at the palm from the front door.

Here's a veiw of the front walkway. The large palm frond in the center is from a triple Chambeyronia macrocarpa. To the right is a Clinostigma savoryanum. The small palm to the left is a Lytocaryum weddellianum.

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Axel(12b/Sunset H2)

That is not a Wodyetia, or foxtail, that's a foxy lady palm (Wodyetia X Veitchia).

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Didn't call it a Wodyetia, or foxtail. I called it a Wodveitchia or Wodyetia bifurcata X Veitchia arecina (Foxy Lady Palm).

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Looks great,suits the climate very well.That's about as tall as I've seen,any idea what the ultimate height is or are we in new territory already?
Hows the Delonix doing, Gary?

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