HEAVILY scented peony suggestions, please.

kr222(6b)May 3, 2010

I've been doing searches trying to find the answer to this question. It's proved very difficult. I was wondering what varieties of peonies you have found the most heavily scented. Color or shape isn't an issue. I just want to find a peony that you can smell across the garden. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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TulsaRose z7a, Tulsa OK(7a)

I "copied" this info from a Peony grower. Maybe it will help you with your search.

"Many times we are asked, what fragrant peonies do we grow? We had a list of our own and with a great deal of researching many peony books both old and new and asking our customers to let us know which they thought were notable fragrant peony varieties in their gardens we have put together the following offerings. Add a few fragrant peonies to your garden to increase your pleasure and relaxation.
Some of our favorite fragrant peonies include; Laura Dessert, Moonstone, Alexander Fleming, Chestine Gowdy, and Philomele. Myrtle Gentry is considered by many to be the most fragrant. Those who prefer a peony with a clear true red color can choose from Diana Parks or Henry Bockstoce two hybrid doubles that are very fragrant. Consider the Fragrant French Peony, Madame Calot for the French Country Garden, Lady Alexandra Duff which is a beloved variety in English Gardens, and Hermione which I wish was in bloom all year long.

Many antique varieties from France like, August Dessert, Mme de Verneville and Mme Emile Lemoine are deliciously fragrant. These peonies were selected as cut flower varieties for people who wanted them to be brought indoors and enjoyed not just for their color but fragrance also.

Don't limit yourself to the doubles but consider some of the unusual forms and color combinations of fragrant peonies like Bouquet Perfect and Pink Hawaiian Coral.

Sea Shell, an APS Gold Medal winner is noted for it's pleasant fragrance and is one of the few singles that make a great cut flower. It has also received the Award of Landscape Merit!

As you may guess not all people agree on which peonies are the most fragrant. My favorite fragrant peony? I hate to pick one but those at the top of my list would be Moonstone for it's classic form, Laura Dessert and Philomele for rarity of colors and form, and Myrtle Gentry for the most strongly fragrant in our garden."


Here is a link that might be useful: Fragrant Peonies

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Thank you so much! That was a lot of great information. After looking over those listed and seeing the availability of them, I settled on getting an Alexander Fleming. American Meadows was having a sale with great shipping.

Thanks Rosie!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden

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TulsaRose z7a, Tulsa OK(7a)

Glad you found a new addition, Kim. Alexander Fleming is beautiful! The pricing for the sale items was a bonus. I would love to add more Peonies but I've run out of room.

Enjoyed browsing your blog. :-)


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gardengirl_17(z5 OH)

The most beautiful scented peony in my garden is Festiva Maxima. It is a double white with red splotches. It's prettier than my description and it smells heavenly!

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By FAR, I would say the most heavily scented peony I've ever smelled is 'Philippe Rivoire', an antique, (1911) deep crimson peony that smells strongly of roses. It's in a vase across the room, and I can smell it from here. Another one of my favorites, also an heirloom (1932) is 'Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt'. It's a luminous, baby pink color, and looks like a water lily when it first opens. It has a rich, yet pretty, powdery/spicy scent that's hard to describe, but absolutely addictive.

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After this past peonies season, I can confidently say that the nicest scented peony is Henry Bockstoce. It has a really wonderful scent sweeter than all the others and the bloom is gorgeous.

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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

I'm with Kelp on Mrs. FDR. It's wonderful. I also love Moonstone and Eden's Perfume.

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Hi Kim,

Have you ordered from American Meadows before? I came across them early spring but didn't order because I didn't know of anyone to ask about their service, what did you think?

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