new windmills

Robert HowardMarch 11, 2013

My windmill palms arrived today!!! Delivered from I highly recommend ordering from them. Any advice is welcome. New comer to growing palms in the Bronx,

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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

Good Looking Palms. Make sure you protect them the first couple of winters while the roots get well extablished.

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Wow, those look great! What size are they? I've heard good things about chillypalmtrees, I'm glad to see it now too!

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Very nice looking trachies. One of my sabal Birminghams came from them. It has been very hardy for me. I always recomend a N.C. grower.

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Looks great, i'm going to check their website out.

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May I ask how long after you ordered them that they arrived?

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Looking good.

Where in the Bronx are you located? Country Club? I attended Fordham and miss the Bronx.

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Robert Howard

Hey Guys, Sorry it took so long for me to respond to everyone. Having computer problems. Using my 7 years old laptop.
AndyAndy from what i understand, Sean from Chillypalms does a March run up north once a year. I pre ordered them about 2 weeks before he left for his trip (deliveries). He already had his trip planned out to make deliveries. He squezzed me in his itinary.Thank god i did. I was very happy with the palms i recieved.
Alex the trachys are about 3 foot of trunk with huge canaopies, delivered in 30 gallon pots. I was not expecting them to be so big. I heard they have a better chance of survival when there planted bigger? At least i hope!
Jacklord, i am located on City Island, a tiny island off the northeast Bronx. Country Club is across the bay from me.
Lets hope spring weather comes soon. Im watching my newly planted trachys get snowed on as i type!! Kinda getting a little worried, since i just planted them a week ago. Theres nothing i can do now, just pray that the weather breaks soon. I called Sean from Chillypalms and he told me to just leave them alone. Anyway it would be to much work to protect them temporarily. Im sure its going to be fun building shelters for them next winter.
o well good luck to all

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Sure I know City Island very well. Great place- Sammys, the Reef, etc.

Sean did a delivery to my house in Maryland a couple of years ago and I was not disapointed.

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