HPS fall meeting

maifleur01May 23, 2009

I went with a bus load of people to Hollingsworth's today and the HPS fall lecture and sale will be September 26 with the speaker being Carsten Burkhart of Germany. A dinner and auction are planned for the evening of the 25th for members.

The meeting and sale will be at the usual place Rolling Hills Presterian church 94th & Nall.

Information on the dinner will be sent to members later in the summer.

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Was Don's peonies all in bloom? Very few were when I was down there on the 16th..

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About half were in bloom. I noticed several major color differences in the darker colored reds. The reds that stay the same color held the color well but some that I know fade seemed to have a lavender color sheen.

Luke is getting married the weekend of the APS meeting so Don will without him. Don is calmer at the show if one flower does not open correctly so what. Luke is more of a perfectionist.

I will report any new peonies after I return.

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Oooh cool. :) I'll be wiggly with anticipation! or something like that. :) LOL

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So, how was the APS convention? I was at Klehm's on that Saturday, June 6th. :)

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