Question for krstofer....

ninecrow(England)December 5, 2007

I seem to remmber reading somewhere (on your site I think) that you have/or had some Edulis/Edulis Flavicarpa...

So my Question is did they ever Flower and Fruit for you, if they did what did you use to pollinate them?

I've manage to get flowers on mine but thats it



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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

When I lived in Chico, Ca I knew where one was. I suppose I still know where it is- However it's 8 hours away rather than 10 minutes now.

If I remember correctly it's on the corner of North & Verde:

Look for a telephone pole- It's covering one of the support wires.

I know that doesn't help many of you.. But hey that's where it is. The guy who owns it just lets the fruit fall so you can get quite a few off the ground.

As for what pollinates it.. I have no idea- Perhaps it's self fertile or maybe there's 2 of 'em growing right there & they pollinate each other.

I had the same pollination problem with my caeruleas- None of 'em were self fertile however by growing 2 or 3 in the same pot & simply letting the bees do their work I had lots of fruit.

I grabbed a bunch of that flavicarpa fruit & planted the seeds.. But I moved before any were old enough to flower.

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Thanks for the Info krstofer, I'm sorry to hear that you never got to see the seeds you planted Flowering....

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