Seidai & Homei Tree Peonies in Bloom

houdiniiMay 13, 2008

Check out my pictures of my 1st ever tree peonies (web URL at the bottom). Last fall I planted these twigs that were no more than 7-8" tall, but both peonies had 1 bloom this year. This spring I've been taking pictures of the growth these tree peonies have exhibited from bud unto bloom. The pictures were taken with my Sprint camera phone; so all things considered, I think they came out pretty well.

Pictures don't do these justice, but they'll have to do. Both blooms of Homei and Seidai easily measure 7" across. I can't wait till they have multiple blooms in coming years. I don't have great pictures of Homei, but Seidai is easily the better bloom in my opinion.

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Very nice, Houdinii. Nice lawn too. I'm glad you provided a series of growth. This says a lot for the Sprint camera phone by the way. Did you buy these plants locally or catalog? I have a couple of yellows ordered to be delivered in September.

BTW, you're in my same zone. Have you noticed fewer blooms on peony plants this year? I have and can't figure out why. Strong growth otherwise.

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Thanks, I got them at the Heartland Peony Society Sale last fall. The price was right and I figured getting 2 of them would be enough for me to try them out.

After comparing the 2 that I got, I'm partial to the semi-double Seidai bloom vs the Homei which is more open with fewer petals. The semi-double to double will probably withstand the wind better, so that's one of the reasons I like it. Of course, if I had some spots that weren't so windy, that wouldn't be an issue; but last Saturday the wind was so strong it blew my grill over.

I can't really compare the number of blooms this year vs previous because this is the 1st year my peonies will bloom. I'll have gone from 0 blooms to somewhere in the +30's. I'm pretty excited about it and will take more pictures when they bloom. I'm hoping others will do the same...I like to see real world examples of what varieties look like vs. the same pictures that growers display each year. (That's why I also posted a picture of the grower tags of my tree peonies, so I could compare that to the real thing that I have).

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I know what you mean by the wind, that's for sure, something we Kansans put up with I suppose. My peonies are fairly protected since I have them planted along a privacy fence that runs north to south.

You've begun a real program of identification for your peonies. Nice! I recently thought I'd begin a binder for mine since one of these days, I may be gone and folks might want to know about them. I've had them for years.

I will have to look into the Heartland Peony Society for when they have another plant sale. I wonder if they have a web site so I can find out. If you know of a contact, will you let me know? Thank you.

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Just google heartland peony society, and you'll find their site. I believe they have a fall sale every other the next one won't be until Fall 2009. I picked up some herbaceous peonies last year and a few of those will bloom this year...contrast that with the ones I ordered from Gilbert H. Wild, where none of them will bloom this year. Big difference, but I'm patient enough knowing that I sacrificed time till bloom for cost.

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Thanks. I did Google, and I see they have a sale coming up in Missouri. Nice chatting with you.

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The sale will not be until 2009. They do have a member only potluck followed by an auction planned for this year. The trip to Wilds fell though because of heavy rains in southern Missouri but was given the option of taking the bus to three nurseries. Two of which I had never been to. Both had wonderful tree peonies in bloom for sale. The third was Arnolds and as usual I spent way too much.

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