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Hello, I live in Zebulon, NC. I have a medium size passion vine (Lady Margaret. the weather here is getting quite cold, today its 50 degrees outside. My vines is drooping, and all the leaves are wilted and turning yellow. I want to know should I cut the plant back? and if so how far do I cut it down?

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Hello there!

I first need to ask you if the plant is in a planter or in the ground. If it is in a planter, I would suggest that you move it to a position that gets no water while it is cold, and if possible, no frost.

Here's my story: Three separate years we have tried to keep P. 'Lady Margaret' outdoors in the ground. Every year, it does wonderfully in the spring, summer, and most of fall. Then cold wet winter hits, (zone 9 California, 20 degrees minimum), and it immediately dies. My belief is that it could withstand the cold if it didn't get the wet roots along with the freeze. So, this year we are trying to protect it from both.

I know... not the greatest advice. Next year, I could tell you for certain. But, at least I could tell you what it will not live through...

I wish you luck!


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Oh thank you so much, at least you took the time to answer my question, and to answer your first question the passiflora is located in my garden outside in the ground. I must say I never new it produced so many fruit, but when I opened the fruit there were only like 14 or less seeds inside each fruit...I really do hope there viable.

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Well, I am excited about your seeds! Lady Margaret is not known for making many seeds, and even less known for creating them without hand pollination. What other Passifloras do you have that may have caused this cross?

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sorry this is late, I also have Passiflora incarnata, you really think they cross bred?

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P. incarnata will pollinate LM rather well, although I never get more than 3-5 seeds in a fruit. I have grown several seedlings from such a cross. Most have been weak or deformed. Two vigorous seedlings have made blooms that would not open, and the flowers were deformed on one-no style. Both had pink petals and sepals. If you grow out lots of seedlings, you are likely to get something nice. The fact that you got 14 seeds in a fruit suggests the cross was more compatible than usual, so maybe you will get better hybrids than usual.

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