Some palms are free at last-

jimhardyMarch 7, 2013

I blame it on this guy who sat over me and pressured me with his beautiful spring song!

Little Cardinal buddy

I really babied the Princeps-it will continue to receive some protection....I want him to pick up right from where he is!

I shoveled off quite a bit of snow around the palms to speed the process up-here in town where
there are more snow free surfaces it was 23F this morning while north of here in the snow fields
the airport was 10F!..........It makes a difference.

This morning-

This is the best the Sequoia has looked coming out of winter-should have a monster year..

Little Takil(with spear-pull)in front and a B.Eriospatha

What a mess,the palms are a little frazzled from being stuffed in their boxes last December...

T.Bulgaria(s-pull),S.Louisiana and a Needle...S.Brazoria next to the container in back

East side-

T-ferns were nailed by cold (not forecasted )-: )last fall-I wasn't sure they were alive but they actually grew a little bit over leaf-

Healthy,happy little Tesan

This spear on the biggest Fortunei was marked before I covered it-about an inch of growth over winter.


Grew a new leaf over winter-started it last fall


Later in the afternoon-low was 18F high of 42F today at my place.

Palms still covered have spear-pull

Some cactus...

Graptopetalum Paraguayense is still blooming-

Thanks for looking!

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everything seems to have come through without any major problems. supposed to hit 65 here sunday so everything will be uncovered for the whole weekend. spring is on the way. good selection of the trechy species. need to get a princep and a waggie for sure.

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2 of my favorites for sure-I have another Princeps in the Cactus enclosure(-:

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Awesome pics as always! Glad to see the palms out of their protection. I gauge spring based on when all your plants are uncovered so I'd say that spring is definitely on its way!

Those palms will straighten out after a few weeks out of their protection, my palms were really badly bent when I uncovered them 2 weeks ago, but they are looking a lot closer to normal now. My Oleander was probably the worst off, all the leaves were curled up and crunchy looking but it looks nice and healthy again now that it's unwrapped (it got some minor damage because I only wrapped it with a few frost cloths this winter and didnt provide any heat, but it definitely will bloom just as well in the spring and summer!

Your cacti and other succulents are looking incredible! Not sure if my variegated agave americana made it (no heat, just a garbage bin over it for overhead protection), we'll have to see when the weather warms up, its pretty melted but there is some green in the center!

After friday I dont see any freezes in the forecast. I'm sure we will still have a few more freezing nights but they are definitely numbered. March is going by fast in another month I might be taking things outside if the weather is cooperating!

Thanks for sharing!

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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

Bravo Jim, Bravo !!. Everything looks great as always.

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Everything looks spectacular! healthy too!

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Where did you get the redwood. I started some seeds several years ago but they didn't make it. How have you been protecting it in the winter. I always though it would be cool to have some sort of potted pine or evergreen and have it as an indoor live, Christmas Tree.

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Thanks you guys!

Yea Alex...

I think my neighbors could figure out when the weather is
improving(or going too)by when the palms are set free here!
Thanks for your kind is your Saba looking?

Thanks Prinbama!

Thanks Palmcitrus


Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding it is a Sequoia(Sequoiadendron Giganteum-not the coast Redwood),I
tried some Redwoods on the porch,the are not hardy and need lots of water.

I got it off e-bay and planted like a dozen around here-it can be tough in winter for smaller ones,once they get some size they are more hardy...

Look at the link below-he has bigger sizes and I think has the best trees!

Here is a link that might be useful: I got them from this guy

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I love this time of year when I get to start uncovering my palms. I'm gonna leave my big palms covered for now, just in case we get temps back into the teens for lows. The smaller palms will be uncovered today. Temps are forecast for 40s for highs and lows upper 20s-32, so they should be fine.

Jim- Have you noticed your palms becoming more resistant to spear pull the older they get? Is that big trachy in front of the porch a Nainital?

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Everything looking good Jim. If your uncovering your palms then its about time to start planting. We will be in the sixties all weekend. So I will be tilling up some soil. Just cant wait!

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The saba is doing really well Jim! The pup is outgrowing the mother plant now, both are taller than me and put out about 3 leaves so far.
How are your's doing?
My eneste is what has really impressed me though this winter. It grew 6 leaves so far and it's touching my 10 foot high ceiling! It should be a good growing season for them, hopefully they get to go out in another 3-4 more weeks!

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Yea to have a reason(or 2) to go back outside!


They for sure have become more cold hardy-the Waggie,Nainital and Fortunei were
all uncovered last spring when it hit 5F at the airport north of here-
I think in my yard it was 12F...there was no damage(no spear-pull) to these 3,I believe
I made a post about it,there was a slight ring on one of the Fortunei
leaves and a rainbow burn on the also snowed like 5" the day before.

Here is a shot of the damage to the Nainital from last spring from the cold and snow-this is obviously the portion still in the area where the spears emerge.I think they can take at least 3-4 days below freezing with snow now-probably more-hope they won't have to this year.

It is a Nainital and I believe from the same batch as the one you have if
I am remembering correctly...? It was bought as Takil back in(I believe)2008*

Here it is right when I first planted it...

I think once the spears are over an inch thick it takes a lot of cold to
sever the spear,thats why the little guys pull so easy,the little spears
freeze to easily.

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lookin really good Jim everything made it through without much problems. I uncovered alot of things yesterday and raked up the hay over some of the beds.. 53 yesterday, suppose to be around 66 today so more work in the yard. Lots of compost to mix in that soil so its gunna be a busy day

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Nice Mike

I am watching the weather closely here-we are almost rid of the snow now but it looks like Old man winter may take another dump or 2 on us-
this could take low temps around 20F and bring them down to 10F if
the snow is deep enough )-:

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I thought I would drag some palms out today but feeling lazy. Also, see a chill down by late in the coming week, at least that's in the cards. . So too, some of our recent Spring storms have been quite potent and containerized plants woud become projectiles. Definitely feeling the fever though! Outside, no damage to te Needles, Sabal minors, or T. Wagnerianus, some damage to T. Fortunei but nothing too bad.

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All your palms look great as always. Whats the coldest temp your princeps saw. Im considering planting one this spring.

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