passifloras under lights

mpetrizzleDecember 16, 2009

How do passifloras fair under artificial lighting? when growing indoors, is it possible to induce flowering with lights? if anyone has had any luck in growing pf's with artificial lights please let me know your setup, species, and wattage.

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It can be done but they become very prone to pests.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora lighting

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You need a quality grow light. I used a couple 1000 watt HID MH/HPS lights for the passies I kept inside over the winter. You can likely use a lower wattage set up. I have a fairly large space but for a few plants you can use a 250 watt light. They bloom but not as well as in natural light and the colors of many varieties aren't as vibrant.

Like the previous poster stated infestations of sucking insects, especially spider mites, mealy bugs, scale and aphids can be a problem. You really need to keep the humidity up to discourage them.

I have several varieties inside, alata, Coral Seas, murucuja, Purple Tiger, laurifolia, etc... I keep most in the heated greenhouse due to the insect problems and I really just don't like having plants in the house. I've started keeping hardy varieties in an unheated greenhouse because I've had problems with them returning in the spring after an especially brutal winter.

Here's a few under lights last year.

This will give you an idea of the intensity of the lights which are kept on for 14-16 hours a day

I no longer keep so many plants inside. I still have the grow room but I try to keep most in the greenhouse or dormant if possible. For the ones that won't fit I now use the garage. I keep one HID light and a heater in there. It's not as warm but the plants seem alright. The only passies that are inside are the ones that seem really cold sensitive.

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