Identify a seed?

Jerseydevil43March 10, 2013

Hi, was wondering if someone could help identify a seed? I recently visited Corpus Christi, Texas and found it growing in the sand. It is a little over an inch long, a rough teardrop shape and is a medium green color. It has since sprouted a fuzzy brown sprout that has roots growing from it. I have it now in a napkin in a Baggie till I figure out what to do with it! Thanks for any help!!!

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Cant say but did you see what types of palms were near by?

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Looks like a black mangrove, you can grow it in a pot sitting in a saucer of water. They do need to have moist soil but don't require salt water so you can use tap water.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Certainly looks like an Avicennia mangrove seedling. The seeds sprout before they fall from the tree and are then carried by currents or wind. Once they get beached they put out roots to anchor themselves. You can sit them in a secondary container of water so that it's halfway up the pot that the mangrove is in. They can get to be big trees but the colder the climate the smaller they'll grow.

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Great, thank you all so much!!! There wasn't any palms or anything super close by, maybe a good 100 ft or so. I thought it was neat- it's been hanging out in a wet paper towel in a Baggie so far :)

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