My palm is about to die

miketropicMarch 19, 2013

I just went in and checked on my var Raphis palm and it is all wilted over and looks like its about to die.. 20+ canes and every one is wilted it was fine this morning when I came is near a window and I opened the blind up to get some light today but the sun wasn't that bright I can't see that causing it to wilt all in 12 hours. Anyone with ideas please let me know. Also how tough are these palms will it come back if I keep it moist and dark? my other one with heavier var. gets more sun and seems fine.

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Possible you let it get too dry? One of my favorites for indoors, BUT I did once have one die due to dryness. They tend not to show stress, then collapse suddenly if water stressed. They are not as drought tolerant as many palms and will also show burn from excess sun. The sun is very strong this time of year--despite the current, aberrant cold in many parts. Once they do get to this point, it is likely too late.

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Hey Mike!

How's the Patient doing? Post a pic if the little fella is on the mend.

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