P.Subrotunda cuttings and Fresh Edulis seeds anyone???

passionlove(z 9 FL)December 18, 2009

Hey guys,

I just had to cut down my Passiflora Subrotunda. If anyone is interested in unrooted cuttings let me know. It is pretty simple to root. Also, I have some fresh P.Edulis Flavicarpa seeds. As you all know nice and fresh is the way to go! Just send me the shipping costs or we can do a trade if you have something I'm looking for.

Email me if you want. I may be able to add some other cuttings too.

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For years I have been fascinated with the appearance of passiflora blooms. I never tried the plant. I assumed it was tropical. This summer I discovered that a friend 2 miles away grows them in her backyard. I would very much like to take you up on your kind offer.

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The majority of passifloras are tropical/sub-tropical. There's a few varieties that are cold hardy. If you want one that you can keep outside year round you should get a rooted sucker from your neighbor as it's aclimated to your zone. It's probably P. incarnata. You can grow other tropical varieties but need to keep them inside over the winter.

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