Bloom from Crowley's Nursey

RetiredFlorida(9)December 15, 2012

Went to Crowley's Nursery in Sarasota, FL today and they had a very nice selection of healthy passion flowers. Several were in bloom and/or fruiting around the property. Thought I'd share this one.



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This one is so pretty! Mine is a massive vine in full bloom right not - just breath-taking!

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Pictures Kay, Pictures! Its all about eye candy. Please.


PS, my newly acquired plant should be giving me blooms for the first time since being planted.

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Vitifolia blooming in the greenhouse. The color is a bit muted but still pretty

miniata (I think. I received it labeled incorrectly) outside over the summer. The color is much brighter in natural light. Vitifolia and miniata blooms have the same color petals.

(click to enlarge)

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Gorgeous blooms Karyn! Today was not wasted, learned something new. Thanks. The greenhouse variation is interesting.

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