Place to get 'Lady Margaret'?

caterwallinDecember 14, 2011

I've looked at pictures online of this over and over and think it's so pretty and really would like to to grow it here in PA. I realize that I'll have to bring it in over the winter. Does anyone know a good place to get one? I was going to post on the trading forum but don't have another kind to trade for it. Any help would be appreciated.


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Zone 9

Grassy Knolls


It's a common variety and you can probably find several more vendors but the ones I've listed are all reliable. Being in zone 6 you probably don't want to have it shipped now unless the seller will use a heat pack.

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Thanks very much, Karen! I didn't know if I'd get an answer or not being that the forums are pretty slow this time of the year. I forgot to mention that I'd be waiting until probably March to order it. I've seen pics of it online and I think it's so pretty! I know that I can plant this one in the ground and not have to worry about it getting out of hand. You might remember that I spent tons of time killing mine off, so from now on any hardy to zone 6 are going to be in a pot, like the Incense that I got several months ago. It's outside in a pot and I hope it will be alright out there. I already have too many plants brought into the laundry room.

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You won't have to worry about it getting out of hand if planted outside because it won't survive the winter in your zone. The incense might or might not survive in a pot left outside over the winter. The roots might freeze solid being above ground.

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Karyn, Thanks, yeah, I know that the Lady Margaret won't survive the winter here, and I think I might either plant that one in the ground for the spring and summer and then put it in a pot and bring it inside for the winter or just bury the pot in the ground in the spring and then pull the pot out of the ground later and sit it inside for the cold months. Do you think it would matter which way I do it? I'm hoping that the Incense that I have outside survives over the winter. It's in a pot and I put big bags of leaves around it hoping that they'd insulate it. Oh, and I have it sitting next to our house on the east side.

I think I'll be ordering the Lady Margaret in the spring from one of the links that you gave me. Dan at Brushwood Nursery was very prompt and helpful and said that if I wanted one I should get my name on a list to be notified when it's available. I can hardly wait till the spring to see all of these beautiful flowers blooming. I love passionvine flowers and of course the leaves for the Variegated Fritillary cats. I just didn't like that the P. incarnata looked like it was trying to take over the place this past spring/summer, so I thought if I didn't want to be pulling that up all the time I'd better get rid of it, which I think I've accomplished *crossing my fingers*. I love plants but I'm kind of fussy about plants staying in their own section.

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My first choice would be from Zone 9. I've been buying tropical plants from Wayne & Bob for years and have consistantly received the biggest healthiest plants from them. The other 2 have nice plants as well but the size is usually about half the Zone 9 plants.

I'd sink the plant in the pot. I cover the lower drainage holes and cut new ones along the sides of the pot about halfway up. That makes it very easy to lift with a sharp spade in the fall. You just push down around the pot and slice the roots that have grown out the side drainage holes.

For some reason P. incarnata never really spreads that much in my yard. It usually returns but there's been some unusually cold, wet winters that have killed it off. Lady Margaret is one of the only red passion vines that isn't toxic to caterpillars. I think it's because it has caerulea as a parent.

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I'm sure they're all fine. If the plant from Brushwood Nursery is smaller, then I'll get to see it grow more. :) I had already decided to get from them. Dan's prompt replies alone impressed me, so he's got my vote. Besides, I refuse to pay more to ship the psssionvine than what the price is on it. At Zone 9, it's $11.99 + 14.79 = $26.78. My husband thought too that that's kind of pricey for a plant, and I'm not looking to buy any others. I already have so many plants and wouldn't even be getting the Lady Margaret but decided to put it on the same trellis with the Incense.

That sounds like a good idea, what you said about the pot and the drainage holes. I might give that a try.

Oh, you're lucky the P. incarnata doesn't spread much in your yard! You ought to see it take off here! Well, not that you can see it now that it's dead though, but when it was living I had dozens of shoots popping up all over the place within about 10 feet of the original spot. Even as I was soaking the roots in Roundup, new shoots were still popping up for awhile after. Plants were popping up at various spots in the grass. I just knew it would take over eventually and there'd probably be no going back. I saw a video on YouTube of a guy who had one that got out of hand and that really helped to convince me to get rid of mine.

Yes, I thought that Lady Margaret was the only passionvine not toxic to caterpillars. I see various ones that look pretty that are toxic, but I wouldn't get them because I'm always so busy with the gardens that I'd be afraid that I wouldn't notice them on the toxic vine until it was too late to transfer them over to a non-toxic one. I've been drooling over Lady Margaret for awhile now and finally decided to get one. I had also wanted Incense this past summer and traded someone for one. I also traded for a Barbara Jackmann clematis, so now with all of these vines my trellises that I've had will finally be getting some use.

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I agree, it would be kind of ridiculous to pay more for shipping then the plant. I usually order several at a time so it works out. I do love the red passies. I've never noticed V. fritillary's on any of my reds. I don't know if they only use them when nothing else is available or what? I have at least 30 passies and the majority aren't toxic so thankfully I haven't had any problems. I actually began growing passies to attract fritillary butterflies but soon fell in love with the vines.

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30 passies??!! :-O Holy smokes, it sounds like Passie (or is it passy?) Paradise there!!!! That's way more than I'd be able to have room for. I really don't have many trellises (4 counting the passie trellis that's getting put up in the spring), but I think my husband would shoot me if I put up any more than the one in the spring. I nominated him to dig holes for me to fasten the trellis onto. Unlike the other trellises that are fastened onto buildings, this one is free standing (well, the poles will be supporting the trellis) out in the back of the one garden. I had tried just putting the poles in the ground before without using cement, but the winter winds whipped that trellis around and bent the pole so the trellis was leaning and halfway to the ground. So this time, we're going to sink those babies in cement (I'm putting the poles in ground sockets), so hopefully the trellis will be alright. I hate to keep re-doing things because it's already hard enough to keep up with things. That trellis will hold the Lady Margaret and the Incense. On my other trellises I have two clematises (I wish I had written down the names when I got them about 20 years ago) and Scarlet Runner Bean (annual).

I'll have to watch to see if the V. frits go on my Lady Margaret. I'm not getting anything toxic (although there are a lot of beautiful toxic ones) because I really am afraid that I wouldn't notice some tiny cats on them and they'd die. I had some VFs on my P. incarnata last year, and they also laid eggs on a Viola/Violet (I don't know the difference and I forget which it said) called Black Sorbet that I bought from Swallowtail Garden Seeds last year. You should have seen the cats go nuts over them! I'd put them on the wild violets that I had dug out of the yard and they'd crawl over to the Black Sorbets. So that sold me on buying some of those seeds again this winter. I can hardly wait to put my seeds orders in and start winter sowing. I swore I'd wait until after the holidays until I jumped into that. So far so good.

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