Brazilian round yellow passionfruit from baker creek

tumblingtomatoesDecember 24, 2008

Hi, everyone, kinda new, wanna ask a question about a passionfruit.....does anyone have any opinions about the Brazilian yellow passionfruit (from seed) from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds ( Live in space coast Florida area, want something with edible fruits. Thanks very much! :)

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Hi. I'm guessing that the variety they are calling Brazilian Yellow might be P. edulis which has a very nice tasting sweet/tart fruit and a beautiful bloom. I'm not sure what's the lowest temps it can take. I have several but am in zone 7a so they are all container grown. It's a fast growing low maintenance vine and gets quite large.

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Thanks very much for the info, I just emailed them and asked if it is the one you mentioned (P. Edulis)! I hope so! Have a great day! :)

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jblaschke(8b TX)

P. edulis is generally the commercial purple fruited varieties. P. edulis var. flavicarpa is a yellow-fruited variety that's not quite a cold tolerant, needs a pollenator and is normally used for juice. P. ligularis (IIRC) is also a yellow-fruited passion flower that is sometimes grown commercially in South America, but is a bit less common than the other two.

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I live in Vero Beach, Fl. My mother-in-law planted a passionfruit on my back fence 3 years ago. If we wait a few more years the vine will be in your yard! This thing is CRAZY! It has spread in about 100 ft in all directions. We all mow it down, but the sprouts pop up all over the place. I enjoy it however.

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