Question about mature Peony all the sudden not blooming

cherry67(6)May 7, 2014

Ok, my cousin and I were having a discussion via facebook and she told me her Peony that has bloomed year after year suddenly has no buds this year. I asked her if she dumped some dirt over it since last spring or anything different and she said no. Any ideas? It's got plenty of leaves but no buds. She lives in northwestern Arkansas.

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Is it really near grass that got fertilized with high nitrogen fertilizer? Don't think anyone had a much warmer winter than normal last year so lack of cold probably isn't the issue. If the peony is getting wider and the middle is dying out it might be time to divide this fall, that'll make it start putting out flowers again the following spring. Did any buds try to start at all?

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Thank you LizinElizabeth. She didn't mention fertilizing, but I will ask. I thought maybe the division thing could be a possibility, but I figured it would at least have some buds on it. I know I read that when they need dividing it can make them not produce as many flowers, but I didn't know whether or not it would cause it not to bud altogether. I'll message her tomorrow and ask her to look closer to make sure if any tried to start. Maybe she just didn't look close enough, but from what she told me there aren't any formed yet.

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Ok,chatted with her this morning...She said no one has fertilized or put any chemicals down. She did go and look and posted a few pics of some VERY small buds, like Pea sized or a little under. All of my Peony's buds are way bigger than that by now except for a few duds here and there that obviously aren't going to do anything. So it is possible that it's bud blast from that freeze we had? I doubt she covered it up, but I have read usually Peonies do fine even uncovered especially if they are mature. Any other ideas what could be causing it?

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Three of my old peonies did not bud or bloom this year. I have marked them for digging this fall and dividing. I will replant the best divisions after having composted the area. In my case I believe over the years too much soil accumulated over the roots, which were more than ten years in the ground. Al

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I never cover mine and we get stupid crazy weather in the spring. Here's what I woke up to this morning....

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How does she water? In my case it was laying the hose down to water and more soil washed over to make the buds too deep. Grew well but less bloom.

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