Christmas for blueberries?

Kim LadinJanuary 7, 2009

Hi all.

I'm going to plant a bunch of blueberries in my little home garden this winter ('cause I LOVE THEM), and I'm trying to figure out to how to do it more sustainably. I'll have to plant them in raised beds and containers, because our local soil is neutral-alkaline, rather than the acid soil that blueberries are supposed to require.

So, any ideas what I can do or plant to help these blueberries along? What about my neighbor's used Christmas trees (firs, I think)? If I use these for mulch will help keep the soil acid like pine needles would? Other thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

-Kim in Campbell, CA

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would it be impossible to plant some pines around them to drop needles? i do think that the christmas tree mulch would can have some of my soil, we could trade maybe ..we have pines all over the place and its very acidic..adding sulfer to your soil raises the acidity ..pine bark..used coffee grinds.. good luck :)

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The Sunshine Blue blueberry variety grows and produces well in neutral-alkaline soils. Plus, it has been developed for hot weather climates. Also is self fertile for those who only have room for one blueberry plant.

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fermentingblob(Northern California 9)

I grow them in pots and gather rain water for their water. To help lower the ph, I grab some pine needles from where ever and just cut them into smaller pieces and use them as mulch on top. A nice thick layer so it will keep in the moisture and as it decomposes and the water passes through, the ph will lower. At least that's what I'm hoping. This is my first time growing them but I have done some research.

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fermentingblob(Northern California 9)

I forgot to mention that I also lower the PH of the water by adding a little vinegar to it.

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